DevOps KPI Reporting

Optimise processes by measuring the KPIs that matter.
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DevOps KPI Reporting

ServiceClarity provides DevOps managers with real-time reports on best-practice KPIs.

Automated Reporting

ServiceClarity is a DevOps KPI reporting dashboard for operations managers including TechOps, DevOps and service managers to measure the KPIs that matter from their cloud service metrics.

This powerful reporting tool enables DevOps managers to select best-practice KPIs, set targets and generate reports in order to understand the processes they need to improve. Highlighting what is working and what is not through simple KPIs, and by identifying why through drill-down analysis.

DevOps KPI Reporting
DevOps KPI Reporting - Measure the KPIs that Matter

Measure the KPIs that matter

Rapidly growing technology companies increasingly rely on a multitude of cloud services to deliver their business.

To get to market quickly they combine Software-as-a-Service bug trackers, service desks, project trackers, log aggregators and monitoring tools along with cloud hosting and storage. These cloud services give businesses the agility to react quickly to market opportunities but create a challenge for the operational staff who manage them.

Senior executives and investors are demanding to know what is working and what is not but the range of cloud services makes this difficult. Only by measuring best practice KPIs across cloud services can processes be optimized to manage operational cost and increase profit.

ServiceClarity solves this problem by automating the reporting of best practice KPIs across cloud services so that senior executives can make strategic decisions.

Report Across All Cloud Services

ServiceClarity integrates out-of-the-box with a broad range of cloud services including JIRA, ServiceNow®, Amazon Web Services, Pingdom and many more. ServiceClarity’s unique cloud connector architecture and supporting services enables ServiceClarity to report KPIs from any cloud service or on-premise system within 2 weeks.

ServiceClarity unifies the reporting across Service Desks, CRMs, Project Trackers, Log Aggregators, Call Systems and Monitoring Tools.

For a full list of services supported out-of-the-box see the ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors list.


DevOps KPI reporting - Cloud Connectors

ServiceClarity for JIRA

ServiceClarity helps DevOps managers analyse JIRA projects collecting detailed metrics including timings, story points and priority.

DevOps KPI reporting with JIRA
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