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Powerful automated KPI reporting for fast growing technology companies

ServiceClarity is for technology leaders and DevOps Managers to select best-practice KPIs, set targets and automate KPI reporting in order to understand the processes they need to improve and optimise the effectiveness of their business.

ServiceClarity cloud connectors


Connect operational systems with ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors

Select ServiceClarity best practice KPIs


Choose best practice KPIs from the ServiceClarity KPI library

ServiceClarity KPI Reporting


Automate metric reporting through ServiceClarity Dashboards

ServiceClarity can be rapidly configured to monitor
cloud services and internal systems


ServiceClarity KPI Reporting

Measure the KPIs that matter across multiple connectors and KPI report types,
tracking DevOps and business processes to answer key efficiency questions.

 software quality report Software Quality Report
  • % Time Spent Fixing Bugs
  • Number of Bugs per User Story
  • Average Time Spent in Test
  • % Bugs Reopened
jira bug report Bug Report
  • Bug Burndown (Opened vs Closed)
  • % Bugs Found Post Release
  • % Critical Bugs
  • Mean Time to Resolve Bugs
jira velocity reportVelocity Report
  • Stories Opened vs Closed
  • Bugs Found vs Fixed
  • Story Points Closed
  • Bugs Resolved
jira remaining effort reportRemaining Effort Report
  • Story Points Remaining
  • Stories Remaining
  • Bugs Remaining
  • Days Remaining
jira cost report Cost Report
  • Development Costs
  • Testing Costs
  • Bug Fix Costs
  • Support Costs
jira revenue report Revenue Report
  • % Time Chargeable
  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Lost Revenue
jira status report Time Report
  • % Time on User Stories
  • % Time on High Priority Stories
  • % Time on High Priority Bugs
  • % Time on Unplanned Activities
jira status report Priority Report
  • % of Senior Developer Time on High Priority Stories
  • % of Senior Developer Time on High Priority Defects
jira customer satisfaction reportCustomer Satisfaction Report
  • First Time Fix
  • First Line Fix
  • % Defects Found by Customer
  • Reopened Customer Issues
jira SLA reportSLA Report
  • % SLAs met
  • Mean Time To Resolve
  • Mean Time to Respond
  • % Right First Time
AWS Cost reportCost Report
  • Cost by AWS Service
  • Cost by Product
  • Projected Cost
  • % Elastic Costs
AWS Usage reportUsage Report
  • EC2 Elastic Instances
  • EC2 Reserved Instances
  • S3 Storage Volume
Xero Revenue reportRevenue Report
  • Total Revenue
  • Revenue Stream Breakdown
  • % Recurring Revenue
Xero Revenue reportProfit Report
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit
  • P&L Breakdown
Xero Cost reportCost Report
  • Total Costs
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Variable Expenses
  • Overheads
Xero Customer reportCustomer Report
  • Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Average Lifetime Value
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

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JIRA KPI reporting

ServiceClarity was able to provide me with greater insights into JIRA than any other reporting tool on the market. Within 5 days I was able to get a report that was custom to my development processes and start monitoring straight away.

customer testimonial

Dima Rastaturin

Head of Operations at Pindrop NL

JIRA KPI reporting

With ServiceClarity we can see all of our key metrics all the time. We can also more clearly see the relationships between the numbers and how pulling different levers can have a significant impact on performance.

customer testimonial

Andrew Fleury

CEO of Transpoco

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Business Value Metrics Dashboard

Business value metrics dashboards that provide operations managers including TechOps, DevOps and service managers real-time automated reporting on best-practice KPIs captured from your cloud service metrics.

Set targets and automate KPI reporting in order to understand the processes you need to improve.

By highlighting what is working and what is not through simple KPIs, and by identifying why through drill-down analysis, you gain the required insight to optimise your business processes.

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Automated KPI reporting
Customer Metrics Dashboards - On-demand reports

Customer Dashboard

Share reports with senior executives, product managers, business managers, partners and customers. This dashboard streamlines the KPI reporting process by eliminating the need for manual report generation, while improving customer satisfaction with instant access to on-demand reports that focus on the KPIs that matter, this dashboard communicates the business value of these processes to your customer.

View our customer dashboard demo to get an insight into ServiceClarity and how reports can be shared: Demo Customer Dashboard

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ServiceClarity for your business

ServiceClarity dashboards enable companies to pinpoint the critical KPIs they must fine-tune to optimize the effectiveness of their business processes. Read our ServiceClarity Use Case to find out how.

Key Benefits

  • – Improve development operations and customer satisfaction processes.
  • – Improve and optimise business processes.
  • – Make better strategic decisions.
  • – Increase profits.
  • – Empower decision makers & internal teams with meaningful reports.

Key Features

  • – Powerful automated real-time KPI reporting tool.
  • – Reports focus on agile software development, customer satisfaction and operations.
  • – Track & measure KPIs that are custom to your data.
  • – We connect into: JIRA, ServiceDesk, AWS, Xero and many more.
  • – Rapidly configure and monitor cloud and internal systems.
  • – Provide dashboards for internal teams to monitor and track progress.
  • – Share reports with internal teams and other stakeholders.
  • – High-level KPI reporting with access to drill down into detail.