RevOps Metric Reporting

Instantly collect metrics from common RevOps SaaS applications
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RevOps Metric Reporting

“With ServiceClarity we can see all of our key metrics all the time. We can also more clearly see the relationships between the numbers and how pulling different levers can have a significant impact on performance.”

Andrew Fleury, CEO of Transpoco

Understand your business processes with ServiceClarity RevOps metrics.

ServiceClarity helps sales, marketing and customer success link operations across the customer lifecycle with key RevOps metrics. Select best-practice metrics, set targets and automate KPI reporting to improve the effectiveness of your business.

ServiceClarity cloud connectors


Connect operational systems with ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors

Select ServiceClarity best practice KPIs


Choose best practice metrics from the ServiceClarity KPI library

ServiceClarity KPI Reporting


Automate metric reporting through ServiceClarity metric dashboards

ServiceClarity can be rapidly configured to monitor
cloud services and internal systems


Automated RevOps Metric Reporting

ServiceClarity facilitates communication and collaboration around shared RevOps metric reporting, tracking progress against weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual targets.

The automated reporting workflow ensures all stakeholders have accurate information at their fingertips so they can make informed decisions based on the latest trends.

Share metric reports

Automatically share reports with users and audiences.

RevOps Metric Reporting
DevOps Metric Reporting - Remaing Story Points

Best Practice KPIs

ServiceClarity derives best-practice KPIs from available metrics in RevOps SaaS applications and supports the rapid fine-tuning of KPIs to business-specific processes.

The leading indicators reflect the pulse of the RevOps organization and add predictive analytics to instantly forecast the effects of process optimization.

Report Across All Cloud Services

ServiceClarity integrates out-of-the-box with a broad range of cloud services including Jira, ServiceNow®, Amazon Web Services, Pingdom and many more. ServiceClarity unifies the reporting across Service Desks, CRMs, Project Trackers, Log Aggregators, Call Systems and Monitoring Tools.

These ready-to-go connectors support the rapid reconfiguration, replacement and interchanging of RevOps SaaS applications.

For a full list of services supported out-of-the-box see the ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors list.


RevOps metric reporting - Cloud Connectors

ServiceClarity for Jira

ServiceClarity helps analyze Jira Service Desk metrics including mean time to respond, first time fix and customer satisfaction.

DevOps metric reporting with JIRA
ServiceClarity for your business

Key Benefits

  • – Alignment
  • – Focus
  • – Simplicity

Key Features

  • – Metric tracking
  • – Automated report sharing
  • – Setting targets
  • – Service catalogue