Business Value Dashboards

Strategic reporting with the right business metrics.
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KPI reporting Dashboard

Track business performance in one place with real-time reports on best-practice metrics.

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Integrate across multiple connectors and cloud services

ServiceClarity integrates out-of-the-box with a broad range of cloud services including Jira, ServiceNow®, Amazon Web Services, Pingdom and many more.

ServiceClarity unifies the reporting across Service Desks, CRMs, Project Trackers, Log Aggregators, Call Systems and Monitoring Tools.

For a full list of services supported out-of-the-box see the ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors list.

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infrastructure KPI reporting - Cloud Connectors
Business performance KPI dashboards

Real-time visual dashboards

Create visual dashboards within ServiceClarity to see an overview of current KPI status. Display dashboards to teams to communicate daily KPI activity and react to instant updates. Allow teams to track and monitor current KPI status to inform action and identify trends focusing on what is important now to respond to changing business needs.

kpi reporting dashboards

Automated Metric Reporting

Select best-practice KPIs, set targets and generate reports in order to understand the processes that need improved. Highlighting what is working and what is not through simple KPIs, and by identifying why through drill-down analysis.

automated kpi reporting

business metric reporting - optimisation and breakdown analysis
ServiceClarity for JIRA metrics reports

ServiceClarity KPIs and Metrics

Customise your metrics to support your individual processes.
JIRA metrics calculation

Read more about working with ServiceClarity KPIs.

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Share and comment

Add comments to reports highlighting key insights and progress. Share reports with customers, product managers, executives and teams in a variety of ways:

JIRA Time report

Automatically publish to report audiences

Share KPI reports

Generate a sharable URL

JIRA Time report

Download and print

business metrics reports

ServiceClarity for Jira

Analyse processes by collecting detailed metrics across planning, throughput, quality and customer satisfaction.

metric reporting with JIRA

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ServiceClarity for your business

Key Benefits

  • – Improve development operations and customer satisfaction processes.
  • – Improve and optimise business processes.
  • – Make better strategic decisions.
  • – Increase profits.
  • – Empower decision makers & internal teams with meaningful reports.

Key Features

  • – Powerful automated real-time KPI reporting tool.
  • – Focus on agile software development, customer satisfaction and operations.
  • – Track & measure KPIs that are custom to your Data.
  • – Rapidly configure and monitor cloud and internal systems.
  • – Provide dashboards for internal teams to monitor and track progress.
  • – Share reports with internal teams and other stakeholders.
  • – High-level KPI reporting with access to drill down into detail.