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JIRA KPI reporting

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ServiceClarity for JIRA provides real-time reports on best-practice KPIs.

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JIRA metrics reports


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JIRA Metric Reports

Generate JIRA reports, with the KPIs that matter to you, across multiple report types
in order to measure your DevOps processes and answer key efficiency questions.

 software quality report Software Quality Report
  • % Time Spent Fixing Bugs
  • Number of Bugs per User Story
  • Average Time Spent in Test
  • % Bugs Reopened
jira bug report Bug Report
  • Bug Burndown (Opened vs Closed)
  • % Bugs Found Post Release
  • % Critical Bugs
  • Mean Time to Resolve Bugs
jira velocity reportVelocity Report
  • Stories Opened vs Closed
  • Bugs Found vs Fixed
  • Story Points Closed
  • Bugs Resolved
jira remaining effort reportRemaining Effort Report
  • Story Points Remaining
  • Stories Remaining
  • Bugs Remaining
  • Days Remaining
jira cost report Cost Report
  • Development Costs
  • Testing Costs
  • Bug Fix Costs
  • Support Costs
jira revenue report Revenue Report
  • % Time Chargeable
  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Lost Revenue
jira status report Time Report
  • % Time on User Stories
  • % Time on High Priority Stories
  • % Time on High Priority Bugs
  • % Time on Unplanned Activities
jira status report Priority Report
  • % of Senior Developer Time on High Priority Stories
  • % of Senior Developer Time on High Priority Defects
jira customer satisfaction reportCustomer Satisfaction Report
  • First Time Fix
  • First Line Fix
  • % Defects Found by Customer
  • Reopened Customer Issues
jira SLA reportSLA Report
  • % SLAs met
  • Mean Time To Resolve
  • Mean Time to Respond
  • % Right First Time

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Time Spent on Issues and Tasks

Quickly compare time spent on development, feature and support tasks. Set targets and compare trends over time with historical breakdowns and performance.

JIRA Time report

ServiceClarity for JIRA reports where you are spending your time.

ServiceClarity for JIRA metrics reports History
ServiceClarity for JIRA metrics reports


Customise your metrics to support your individual processes.
JIRA metrics calculation

Detailed JIRA Metrics

Analyse your JIRA projects with ServiceClarity to collect detailed metrics including timings, story points and priority.

Real-time analysis of labour utilisation and efficiency, drives projections of cost, release dates, and customer satisfaction.

JIRA Metric Reports

Find the JIRA issues your interested in using familiar JQL query language.

ServiceClarity for JIRA metrics reports
ServiceClarity for JIRA metrics reports

Sharing Reports

Share reports with customers, product managers, executives and teams in a variety of ways:

JIRA Time report

Automatically publish to report audiences

Share KPI reports

Generate a sharable URL

JIRA Time report

Download and print

ServiceClarity for your business

Automate JIRA KPI reporting across all your JIRA projects with ServiceClarity to optimize operational efficiency and maximize business benefit.

Furthermore ServiceClarity pinpoints where costs can be reduced and value is created. Analysing which activities are performed by whom, and at what cost. View ServiceClarity’s KPI Library.

Key Benefits

  • – Understand your return on investment
  • – Business information at your fingertips
  • – Measure what is important

Key Features

  • – Business value KPIs
  • – Business level reporting
  • – Business performance targets