Customer Reporting For ServiceNow®

Securely share simple reports with your customers


ServiceClarity for ServiceNow® is an easy-to-use customer reporting dashboard that enables organisations who use ServiceNow® platform to safely share Service Desk KPIs with customers and end users.

ServiceClarity does not collect sensitive data. Only metric values are stored by ServiceClarity. These are translated into Value KPIs. Row-level data is not stored, but can be fetched on-demand during drill-down and is immediately discarded when not being viewed.

Start using ServiceClarity in 3 simple steps

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an account to securely access your reports



to authorise the collection of KPIs



on your business performance with executive reports

Empower Your Customers

Customer reporting for ServiceNow® gives your customers the power to view on-demand reports when they want to. Monitor their own targets, and better understand your processes by drilling down to row-level data. All of these features result in a more satisfied customer while reducing the effort on you.

Customer Reporting for ServiceNow
Customer Reporting for ServiceNow

Monitor Best Practice KPIs

The ServiceClarity KPI Library includes a broad range of Value KPIs for the products, services and processes it monitors. The ServiceNow® platform connector gathers almost 100 operational metrics and translates these into Value KPIs. For convenience, ServiceClarity for ServiceNow® is preconfigured with the 20 most frequently reported KPIs.

Additional Best-Practice KPIs can be selected from the ServiceClarity KPI Library or custom KPIs can be configured from the available metrics using the Service Manager Dashboard.


ServiceClarity for your business

Customer reporting for ServiceNow® platform is the fastest and simplest way to share KPI reports with your customers

Key Benefits

  • – Measure what is important
  • – Give your customer control
  • – Unify KPI reporting

Key Features

  • – Best practice KPI reporting
  • – Simple report sharing
  • – Configurable targets