DevOps Metric Reporting

Strategic reporting with the right business metrics.
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Agile Reporting KPIs

ServiceClarity provides DevOps Managers with real-time reports on best-practice metrics.

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Automated DevOps Metric Reporting

ServiceClarity applies Agile principles to Strategic Reporting by delivering management reports early and often, prioritizing the right business metrics and improving communication between business functions.

This powerful reporting tool enables DevOps managers to select best-practice KPIs, set targets and generate reports in order to understand the processes they need to improve. Highlighting what is working and what is not through simple KPIs, and by identifying why through drill-down analysis.

DevOps Metric Reporting
DevOps Metric Reporting - Remaing Story Points

Measure the DevOps Metrics that Matter

ServiceClarity helps answer the questions: When will we be done? Do we have the capacity to deliver? and What is the quality of our output? by measuring the key DevOps metrics for planning, throughput, quality and customer satisfaction.

 DevOps report DevOps Report
  • Remaining Story Points
  • Story Points Complete this Week/Month
  • % Time Spent on Unplanned Tasks
  • % Reopened Tickets

In order to manage a dynamic agile environment, organizations across the world are implementing DevOps tool stacks, which includes tools to facilitate team communication, coordination, reporting and management.

DevOps metric reporting with ServiceClarity is one way to give management the metrics they need, whilst also enabling them to improve the efficiency of the entire process.

Report Across All Cloud Services

ServiceClarity integrates out-of-the-box with a broad range of cloud services including Jira, ServiceNow®, Amazon Web Services, Pingdom and many more. ServiceClarity’s unique cloud connector architecture and supporting services enables ServiceClarity to report metrics from any cloud service or on-premise system within 2 weeks.

ServiceClarity unifies the reporting across Service Desks, CRMs, Project Trackers, Log Aggregators, Call Systems and Monitoring Tools.

For a full list of services supported out-of-the-box see the ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors list.


DevOps metric reporting - Cloud Connectors

ServiceClarity for Jira

ServiceClarity helps DevOps Managers analyze JIRA projects collecting detailed metrics across planning, throughput, quality and customer satisfaction.

DevOps metric reporting with JIRA
ServiceClarity for your business

ServiceClarity dashboards enable companies to pinpoint the critical KPIs they must fine-tune to optimize the effectiveness of their business processes. Read our ServiceClarity Use Case to find out how.

Key Benefits

  • – Improve development operations and customer satisfaction processes.
  • – Improve and optimise business processes.
  • – Make better strategic decisions.
  • – Increase profits.
  • – Empower decision makers & internal teams with meaningful reports.

Key Features

  • – Powerful automated real-time KPI reporting tool.
  • – Reports focus on agile software development, customer satisfaction and operations.
  • – Track & measure KPIs that are custom to your data.
  • – We connect into: JIRA, ServiceDesk, AWS, Xero and many more.
  • – Rapidly configure and monitor cloud and internal systems.
  • – Provide dashboards for internal teams to monitor and track progress.
  • – Share reports with internal teams and other stakeholders.
  • – High-level KPI reporting with access to drill down into detail.