ServiceClarity for JIRA

Measure the KPIs that matter across all your JIRA projects.


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Powerful KPI reporting for fast growing technology companies

ServiceClarity is for technology leaders, Infrastructure & Operations Managers to select best-practice KPIs, set targets, define SLAs and generate reports in order to understand the processes they need to improve to optimise the effectiveness of their business processes.

ServiceClarity cloud connectors


Connect operational systems with ServiceClarity Cloud Connectors

Select ServiceClarity best practice KPIs


Choose best practice KPIs from the ServiceClarity KPI library

ServiceClarity KPI Reporting


Schedule KPI reporting through ServiceClarity Dashboards

ServiceClarity can be rapidly configured to monitor
cloud services and internal systems


“With ServiceClarity we can see all of our key metrics all the time. We can also more clearly see the relationships between the numbers and how pulling different levers can have a significant impact on performance.”

Andrew Fleury, CEO of Transpoco

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Infrastructure & Operations Dashboard

Provides real-time KPI reporting on best-practice KPIs captured from your cloud service metrics.

Set targets, define SLAs and generate reports in order to understand the processes you need to improve.

By highlighting what is working and what is not through simple KPIs, and by identifying why through drill-down analysis, you gain the required insight to optimize your business processes.


real time reports on best practice KPIs
Customer Dashboard - On-demand reports

Customer Dashboard

Share reports with senior executives, product managers, business managers, partners and customers. This dashboard streamlines the reporting process by eliminating the need for manual report generation, while improving customer satisfaction with instant access to on-demand reports that focus on the KPIs that matter, this dashboard communicates the business value of these processes to your customer.


Executive Dashboard

This dashboard provides CEOs, CIOs and CFOs with a clear and concise assessment of how the business is performing, adopting the Balanced Scorecard for IT performance measurement framework to track business performance from an operational, customer, financial and future perspective. As businesses mature their operational processes, executives can alter the weightings to change the focus from operational efficiency, to customer satisfaction, revenue generation and business agility.


Executive Dashboard - Balanced Scorecard for IT performance
ServiceClarity for your business

ServiceClarity dashboards enable companies to pinpoint the infrastructure and operations KPIs they must fine-tune to optimize the effectiveness of their business processes.

Key Benefits

  • – Improve operational efficiency
  • – Increase profits
  • – Optimized business processes
  • – Assists rapid growth
  • – Make better strategic decisions

Key Features

  • – Set targets
  • – Define SLAs
  • – Generate reports
  • – Report KPIs from any cloud server
  • – Empower decision makers